Hindi Chaman Bahar

Chaman Bahaar is an Indian Hindi drama movie written and directed by Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann. The movie is produced by Yoodlee Films, a production venture of Saregama India. It features Jitendra Kumar and Ritika Badiani in lead roles. The movie revolves around a small town panwalla who falls in love with a schoolgirl who lives opposite his shop before even meeting her. The story of Chaman Bahar is set in the Indian state Chhattisgarh and revolves around the local paan shop guy and his one-sided love towards the girl living opposite his shop. The film’s music was composed by Anshuman Mukherjee and Anuj Garg with lyrics written by Apurva Dhar Badgaiyan and Amit Prathan. Chaman Bahaar released on Netflix on 19 June 2020.