Hindi Kabhi Ajnabi The (1985)

Kabhie Ajnabi The is an Indian musical romantic drama movie directed, edited, and produced by Vijay Singh. The story was written by Rohini Patwardhan. The screenplay was written by Ravindra Peepat. The cinematographer of the movie is Debu Deodhar. It revolves around a young cricketer who has lost his ladylove and when he again falls in love with another woman, his former ladylove returns. The movie features Sandeep Patil as the protagonist and Syed Kirmani as one of the antagonists. Poonam Dhillon and Debashree Roy star as the heroines of the film. The movie also features Sachin Tendulkar in a small part. The music of the movie was also composed by Vijay Singh with lyrics by Dev Kohli and Ravindra Peepat. The movie songs are sung by Lata Mangeshkar, Suresh Wadkar, Mangeshkar, Ashok Khare, Annette Pinto, Sunita, and Vinay Tiwari.