Hindi Kashinath (1943)

Kashinath is a classic film released in the year 1943, directed by Nitin Bose and produced under the banner of New Theatres. This film stands out in the annals of Indian cinema for its compelling narrative and the remarkable performances of its cast. The lead roles were portrayed by Pahari Sanyal, Leela Desai, and Chhabi Biswas, whose acting skills brought the characters to life with authenticity and depth.

The music for Kashinath was composed by the legendary Pankaj Mullick, a name synonymous with the golden era of Indian film music. The songs of the movie were penned by the talented lyricist Pandit Bhushan, whose poetic expressions added a lyrical beauty to the compositions. The film’s music played a pivotal role in its success, with singers like Pankaj Mullick himself lending their voices to the memorable soundtrack. Among the standout tracks from the movie are “Beet Rahi Pooja Ki Ghadiya“, “Mai Jaan Gaya Pehchan Gaya“, “Mere Dukh Ki Rain Kati” and “Lo Shuru Huyee Iss Bar” each adding a unique flavor to the film’s soundtrack.

Here, we’ve listed all the songs of Kashinath sung by Asit Baran, Radharani, Bela Mukherjee, Pankaj Mullick, along with their lyrics and music videos. Check out the list of Kashinath movie song lyrics below.