Hindi Unforgettable (2014)

Unforgettable is a 2014 film that blends drama and romance, directed by Arshad Yusuf Pathan. The movie features a cast led by Iqbal Khan, Alka Verma, and Hazel Crowney, showcasing their talents in a story that revolves around complex relationships and the essence of love. The music for the film, a crucial element that adds depth to its emotional landscape, was composed by Sujeet Shetty. The soundtrack of Unforgettable is brought to life by the voices of several talented singers Sujeet Shetty, Shahid Mallya, and Kushboo Jain, contributing to the movie’s unique atmosphere and emotional impact.

The film was released on June 13, 2014, and since its release, it has been noted for its compelling narrative and the performances of its lead actors. Among the standout tracks from the movie are “Lafzo Mein Dhalke“, “Lagan Agan Lagi Re” and “Abhi Se Teri” each adding a unique flavor to the film’s soundtrack.

Here, we’ve listed all the songs of Unforgettable sung by Sujeet Shetty, Khushboo Jain, Sahid Malya and Sachin Gupta along with their lyrics and music videos. Check out the list of Unforgettable movie song lyrics below.