Music Director Neeta Sen

Neeta Sen, born on November 13, 1927-April 1, 2006, in Kolkata, India, was a respected personality in Indian classical music, known for her significant contributions as a music director and singer. Her music career began with performances at All India Radio in Kolkata, where she focused on modern Bengali music. Neeta’s big break came in 1977 with the film “Baba Taraknath,” marking her commercial success. Over the years, she directed music for several other Bengali films such as “Krishna Bhakta Sudhama,” “Rokto Joba,” “Nandan” (1979), “Sita” (1980), “Golap Bou” (1977), “Sonar Bangla” (1982), and “Baba Loknath” (1994), showcasing her talent in blending classical music with cinematic narratives. Among her notable songs are “Oh go Nayoner Abir,” “Mon Jodi Kono Din Projapoti Hoye Jay,” “Chokhe Chokh Rekhe,” and “Tomar Du Chokh Pujor Prodip hole.” Neeta Sen’s contributions were recognized by renowned singers like Hemanta Mukherjee, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle, and Anuradha Paudwal.

Here, we’ve listed all songs directed by Neeta Sen, along with their lyrics and music videos. Check out the list of Neeta Sen Songs Lyrics below.

Neeta Sen Songs Lyrics List