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Arjan Dhillon is a celebrated name in Punjabi music, known for his multifaceted talent as a singer, rapper, and songwriter. Born on December 14 in Bhadaur, Punjab, India, Arjan embarked on his music career as a lyricist in 2017, quickly transitioning to a lead artist with the track “Ishq Jeha Ho Gya” for the film Afsar in 2018. He rose to prominence with hits like “Bai Bai” in 2020, “My Fellas”, and his debut studio album “Awara” released in November 2021. His musical journey has been marked by a deep engagement with the cultural and social fabric of Punjab, evident in his support for the 2020–2021 Indian farmers’ protest through songs like “Panjab Kithe Dabda”.Dhillon’s work, including his debut EP “The Future” and albums like “Jalwa” and “Chobar“, showcases a blend of genres and reflects his lyrical prowess. His songs “Gutt“, “Likhari“, and “Jutti” have enjoyed immense popularity, with “Gutt” amassing over 50 million views on YouTube.

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