Singer Pankaj Udhas

Pankaj Udhas, born on May 17, 1951, in Gujarat, India, and passed away on February 26, 2024, was a revered Indian ghazal and playback singer whose career spanned over four decades. He made a significant mark in the music industry with his melodious voice and emotive renditions, starting his journey with the album “Aahat” in 1980. He gained widespread recognition for his song “Chitthi Aayee Hai” from the film “Naam,” alongside other notable tracks like “Na Kajre Ki Dhar” from “Mohra” and “Maahiya Teri Kasam” from “Ghayal.” His contributions were honored with prestigious awards including the Padma Shri in 2006 and the “Kalakar” award for “Hasrat” as the Best Ghazal Album of 2005, highlighting his invaluable contributions to Indian music and ghazal singing.

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