Music Director Nisar Bazmi

Nisar Bazmi, born on December 1, 1924, in Maharashtra, India, became a legendary music director both in India and Pakistan. Starting his career in India, he composed music for 40 films before moving to Pakistan in 1962, where he found enormous success, composing for 140 films and introducing singers like Alamgir and Mehnaz Begum. His notable songs include “Mohabbat Mei Tere Sar Ki Qasam” from “Aisa Bhi Hota Hai” (1971), “Dekho Wo Chaand So Gaya” from “Zarina“, and “Chalo Achha Hua Tum Bhool Gaye” from “Lakhon Mein Aik” (1967). He received the Pride of Performance Award in 1994 and won the Nigar Award for Best Music Director five times, marking his significant contributions to the music industry​.

Here, we’ve listed all songs directed by Nisar Bazmi, along with their lyrics and music videos. Check out the list of Nisar Bazmi Songs Lyrics below.

Nisar Bazmi Songs Lyrics List