Music Director R. Sudarsanam

R. Sudarsanam (born on 26 April 1914 – 26 March 1991) was well-known in the Tamil film music industry. He began his journey in the industry with the film “Thiruneelakandar” in 1939 and became known for his talent. He was the only music director employed by AVM Productions, a leading film production company. Sudarsanam worked on many films, contributing significantly to the music that defined Tamil cinema of his time. His role was pivotal in movies that marked the debut of legendary actors like Sivaji Ganesan in “Parasakthi” and Kamal Haasan in “Kalathur Kannamma.” Some of the most famous songs directed by R. Sudarsanam include tracks from “Kalathur Kannamma” (1960), “Parasakthi” (1952), “Matwala” (1958), and “Annai” (1962). His work spanned various films and genres, demonstrating his versatility and deep understanding of music’s role in cinema. Songs from “Kalathur Kannamma,” such as “Ammavum Neeye,” remain evergreen, highlighting Sudarsanam’s skill.

Here, we’ve listed all songs directed by R. Sudarsanam, along with their lyrics and music videos. Check out the list of R. Sudarsanam Songs Lyrics below.

R. Sudarsanam Songs Lyrics List