Singer Jolly Mukherjee

Jolly Mukherjee, born on February 10, 1956, in Gangtok, Sikkim, has established himself as a distinguished figure in Bollywood music, earning the title of India’s “King of Strings.” His journey in the music industry began as a backing singer for commercials, eventually transitioning to a prolific playback singer and music producer. Mukherjee’s career is marked by his versatility in blending Hindustani classical music with Western elements, making significant contributions across a wide array of Bollywood films. Some of Jolly Mukherjee’s most notable songs include “Chandni O Meri Chandni” from the movie Chandni, “Aaj Hum Tum O Sanam” from Saathi, and “Nargisi Nargisi Aankhein Teri Nargisi” from Bewafa Sanam. His achievements have been recognized with awards such as the Best Male Playback Singer for his song in Chandni at the Filmfare Awards, further cementing his place in the industry.

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