Hindi Daayraa (1997)

Daayraa is a Bollywood movie, directed by Amol Palekar, and produced by Dharampriya Das, Pravesh Sippy, and Timeri N. Murari. The movie starring Nirmal Pandey and Sonali Kulkarni in lead roles. The screenplay was by award-winning journalist and novelist, Timeri N. Murari. Exploring themes such as male-female relationships, preconceived notions of love, and social attitudes toward them, the plot involves a romantic relationship between a transvestite dancer and a gang-raped woman who begins to dress up like a man. All songs are written by Gulzar. The movie songs are sung by K. J. Yesudas, Asha Bhosle, and Devaki Pandit. It was released on 27 November 1999.