Hindi Kanoon (1943)

Kanoon (1943) is a classic film that was released in the early 1940s, marking a significant period in the Indian cinema industry. Directed by A. R. Kardar, the movie features a talented cast including actors and actresses who were prominent figures of their time. The film’s music, an essential component of its success, was composed by the renowned music director Naushad, who was known for his ability to blend classical and folk music elements to create memorable scores.

The singers who lent their voices to the movie’s soundtrack played are Suraiya, Shyam, Nirmala Devi and others pivotal role in bringing the characters and story to life through their emotive performances. The lyrics, penned by the gifted lyricist D. N. Madhok, added depth and emotion to the music, resonating with audiences and contributing to the film’s lasting legacy.

Here, we’ve listed all the songs of Kanoon (1943) sung by the film’s talented singers like Suraiya, Shyam, Nirmala Devi and others along with their lyrics and music videos. Check out the list of Kanoon (1943) movie song lyrics below.