Just Do It Lyrics - Blaaze

Just Do It lyrics, the song is sung by Blaaze from Chance Pe Dance (2010). The music of Just Do It Happy track is composed by Ken Ghosh, Sandeep Shirodkar while the lyrics are penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

Check it out, check it out
Dance is dance is……..
I ll tell you what dance is


Dance is smokin, dance and move on
Dance is groovin, makes the world round
Dance is cutting chai, makes you red hot
Ek se do tak, hip se hop
Ba ba bhangra se leke pop tak
Na na nachake, lets move it
Dont you think yeah, just do it

Dance is super cool, dance is hot hot
Lagaale jhataka with what you got
If you can shake a leg toh dance aayega
Saala pappu bhi nachake dikhaayega
Na kar bheja fry, just give it a try
Naach bindass duniya bhaad mein jaaye
Dikha de nachake, you gotta prove it
Dont think yeah da da da do it

Na toh khidaki kyun hai shut,
Get get get going, chal fataafat
You wanna hit big, there
Is no shorcut, so now get up
You gotta move your butt butt butt
Remember you gotta do it
In style, its gonna sweat yeah
But dont lose that smile,
Now what are you waiting for
Aur bataau kya, ae kaan ke
Niche kheech ke lagaau kya
Na na nachake just move it
Dikhaade nachake, you gotta prove it
Or just cut the gyaan, shut your tupid?
Dont you think yeah, just do it.

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