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Zeenat Begum, born Shamim Akhtar on 11th November 1931 in Malerkotla, Punjab, British India, was a famous Pakistani playback singer, actress, and producer known for her melodious voice and significant contributions to the South Asian music industry. Her journey into the limelight began in the early 1940s when she was discovered by Pandit Amar Nath, marking her entry into the world of music and cinema. Zeenat’s breakthrough came with the Punjabi film “Mangti” (1942), where she not only lent her voice but also made her acting debut. This film achieved the status of the first Golden Jubilee film produced in Lahore, establishing Zeenat as a promising talent in the industry​. Notably, she sang for films like “Panchhi” (1944), “Shalimar” (1946), and “Shehar se Door” (1946), among others. After migrating to Bombay in 1944, she continued to work with eminent music directors, including Husnlal Bhagatram and Master Ghulam Haider, contributing to the soundtracks of numerous films until her last Indian film “Mukhda” in 1951.

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